Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is frequently referred to at “the great secret of the Church” because many people are unaware of the wealth of documents available to help us, as individuals and as  an institution, discern what it means to live out the Gospel. These teachings are applicable whether at the ballot box, the bank, or in our daily interactions at work and at home. Each day we make choices that can have an impact on the world we live in—and on our neighbor. Catholic Social Teaching helps us to become more aware, and make more informed choices.

Here are some links to sites that help explain these teachings, as well as how they are applied today. The Scarboro Missions, a Canadian Catholic religious order, offers a good overview of Catholic Social Teacing, including the handy link, Ten Building Blocks of Catholic Social Teaching. : This site from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops offers a good overview of Scripture and Catholic social doctrine affect —and can be applied to — life in Canada.